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Payroll Audits

Ask yourself…

Who has been processing your wages?

Has sufficient training been provided? Not just in the software but also in payroll law?

Payroll has quite often been treated as another data entry task, when really it is a specialised one.

About our auditing process

We will provide you with an undergoing audit either enforced or voluntary, the first point of contact for all communications, liaising with our team and the client on progress and issues, often these are unique to their company.

We provide weekly catch up meetings with regular reporting updates with a progress estimation report of Liability of Employee Backpay. We provide observations around areas where systems have failed and can identify areas of improvement. We take you through the process of the audit and also once the audit is completed provide all documentation that would be required for a Labour Inspector to use to review and make their determination.

Our auditing model has been accepted by MBIE and meets their industry standards for reporting.

We can help…

At Mankelow Accounts we offer:

  • Full payroll audits going back as far as 6 years
  • Spot checks on staff
  • 2 and 3 monthly payroll checks to ensure setup is done correctly
  • Payroll WOF
Our Audit Team

Cathy Cowin

Payroll Audit Supervisor

Thomas Baptist

Senior Payroll Audit Reviewer

Fane Kamakorewa

Payroll Audit Reviewer